Interview with Ivan Paletti

Chatting with our CEO.

Let’s talk about your experience with Paletti Angelo & C. S.N.C.
The firm is older than me. I was raised inside this world, where businessmen thought that their job walked alongside with passion. As a result, even when I was really young, I started to get closer to the world of craftsmanship.

What is your job at Paletti Angelo & C. S.N.C.?
You could say that I am a coordinator. I can count on people that I can trust and on a team I’ve built with this precise purpose in mind! As it is a family-run business, what makes what we do so different is the effort we put in reaching the goals we set with our customers.
Being a coordinator is easier when the whole team is working to reach a common goal.

What is it that makes what Paletti Angelo & C. S.N.C. does so unique?
We are serious people, we are precise and we pride ourselves on our professionalism, we love our job and what we create, we protect and respect our surroundings, we deliver our projects without delay and we take care of even the smallest of details. These are the factors that make us extremely trustworthy.

Has Paletti Angelo & C. S.N.C. worked outside Italy?
Yes, it did. We worked in France, United Kingdom, Russia, China.

How did working abroad affect Paletti Angelo & C. S.N.C. and its workflow?

The comparison between us and a completely different setting broadened our ideas. Italian craftsmanship is well-appreciated abroad. Knowing that somewhere you are a model, an example someone tries to imitate, makes us proud and it helps Paletti Angelo & C. S.N.C. understand that improving the quality of our work is a matter of experience and continuous growth.