Paletti Angelo & C. S.N.C.’s headquarters is in Collebeato (BS), its paintings and finishings are worldwide known. They offer a wide range of solutions, from the usual painting to the most precious and spectacular decoration, and let’s not forget that they also deal with acrylic, whitewash and environmental-friendly paintings, as well as stuccos, lime-based coatings and marmorino colored mortar, to give maximum comfort to you and your home. A top-quality service, enhanced by the staff’s precision and accuracy.


Interior Painting

Interior painting is a key feature to define the style of a house. It must work well with everything else, including design and furniture, it should be able to go with a traditional or a modern style and give the whole ambiance personality.


Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is the final step of the restoration process. Not only does it improve the aesthetic of a building, but it also protects it from damage. In this field, the firm offers paintings that go well with the architectural elements of the building and with its surroundings.



Half art and half decoration, many wall finishings are a clever mixture of stylistic and color design, traditional and innovative techniques and high-quality, hand-picked materials. The staff is inspired by different eras and styles, classic or modern, the surface isn’t a problem (wall, wood, stone). The aim is to improve the looks of interior and exterior, troupe l’oeil, framing and bas-relief effects, reproduction of natural materials with a metallic or rust effect and also with marble, fabric or damask effect, baby decor with eco-friendly, non-toxic paints, with a mix of traditional techniques and natural colors, frescos or acrylic paints. Decorations with a classical flavor or pasty colors meet different materials: lime-based colored coatings, ancient mortars, siloxan or elastomeric paints, energy efficient coatings included.



Paletti Angelo & C. S.N.C. offers a wide range of coating solutions, even on vertical surfaces. Thanks to traditional techniques, our team can handle monolithic surface treatments hiding the patterns on the stone or letting them shine through; basic or customized effects with a glossy, matte or smooth finish.


Wooden Surfaces

Ancient wooden furniture has a certain je ne sais quoi, the appeal of the personal object, perhaps loved, perhaps just used, that has nonetheless seen the more private moments of a family. When we focus our attention on an ancient piece of furniture — or on one that’s simply old— inside our houses, or when we look at something we’ve just bought at the flea market or found in the attic, we just long to make it new again. It’s inevitable. Paletti Angelo & C. can bring old pieces back to their former glory, no matter the age; the staff knows the artistic features of every era and applies this knowledge when restoring furniture, bringing the original “flavor” and value of the piece back to the surface. The firm works on furniture (antique, brushed or watercolored), boiserie, chalk or pvc molded frames. Decorations aren’t solely for walls and ceiling, but also for floors (with resins), color effects or decorations on wooden floors, too.



Thanks to a collaboration with world-wide-known brands in the field of wallpaper Paletti Angelo & C. can satisfy any customer’s needs, no matter the taste nor the style. You can choose from a wide range of combinations of texture, materials, subjects and colors. In the picture Opium by Wall&Decò.