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Paletti Angelo & C.

Paletti Angelo & C is a family business located in Brescia, specialized in the field of exterior and interior painting since 1958. It’s a place where years of experience meet with reliability, professionalism and real passion, which allows it to assure the best result one could imagine. Paletti Angelo & C. is also specialized in spackle and colored plasters, as well as in the restoration of ancient frescos and plasterwork.

Ivan Paletti


Interview with Ivan Paletti CEO of Paletti Angelo & C. Snc

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What We Do


We work on walls and ceilings to get the best result possible, to improve the aesthetic of the building and to enhance its overall quality. This holds true for both commercial and residential spaces. After a careful evaluation that takes into account weather and materials, we can work on any surface and give it the finished look our designers and customers asked for.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is one of our specialties. As it is a key feature of a building, we are happy to advise and help our clients. We use certified, environment-friendly products, as a result we can guarantee beautiful and customized, yet healthy surroundings.

Exterior Painting

We paint both houses and commercial facilities, choosing top-quality materials. This allows us to give our customers a better result, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. We create new façades and we also restore and maintain older ones.


We decorate any type of surface, interiors or exteriors, with different motifs and styles, to give it a more classic or a more modern look. Our choice of materials, techniques and color shades is broad,  each time we can choose different combinations, according to our customers’ needs.


Paletti Angelo & C. offers a wide range of coating solutions and effects, even on vertical surfaces, according to our client’s request: monolithic surface treatments with a glossy, matte or smooth finish for a basic or a customized, more elaborate look.

Wooden Surfaces

We give antiquities their original look, without straying from their original style and taste, thanks to our know-how and vast experience, which led us to learn each era’s peculiarities. The company deals with furniture, as well as with boiserie, frames and floors.


Thanks to a collaboration with world-wide-known brands in the field of wallpaper we can count on a great number of combinations of texture, materials, subjects and colors, Paletti Angelo & C. can satisfy any customer’s needs, no matter the taste nor the style.

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We use techniques and materials that allow us to create something unique and completely customizable.
Everything we do, we do it with the utmost care; we want to find the best solution for every space, to make it look even better.
We respect the sensitivity and taste of other people and we let our passion and humanity shine through the colors of our work, which is going to become part of our customer’s everyday life.


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Before and After

Before and After

Gold Leaf
This motif was inspired by Gustav Klimt’s “Golden Phase”. The technique used here to apply the gold leaf is known as chemical gilding, a decorative solution that can give a thin coating of gold to a large number of surfaces and materials. A living bathed in light, a precious decoration for a place with a unique style.
Before and After

Before and After

Wall decoration
This technique is known as pouncing; drawing and colors were made with watercolors. It represents a decoration that dates back to the Roman empire era (“girale”), showing a stem or shoot wrapped in leaves, a motif that was used in any era. It looks as if the space is moving and the color chosen for this decoration, although delicate, enhances the characteristics of its surroundings.
Before and After

Before and After

Large wall painting
This was made for the shopping mall “Freccia Rossa” in Brescia, starting from a draft of an original scenery made with crayons. To make this large wall painting we used different techniques. This image shows the first drafts we made before the beginning of the actual decoration. The technique used in these situations is chosen according to the finished look one wants to achieve.
Before and After

Before and After

Decoration, exterior
Frieze realized using the pouncing technique. We made this wreathes with leaves, flowers and fruit, keeping in mind how the natural world is usually depicted, highlighting symmetries, simplifying shapes, for a two-dimensional effect. It was then filled using acrylic paints and gradients with different shades.
Before and After

Before and After

Ceiling decoration, pouncing
Ceiling decorated with a floral motif using the technique known as pouncing. This technique was well appreciated during the Renaissance and it’s a perfect solution to decorate larger spaces, where accuracy is key. First of all, one must prepare a drawing on a cardboard, then he is to leave pricked marks following the outlines of the drawing; after that, the pounced drawing is laid on the surface. Through the pounced holes, the charcoal can leave an outline on the working surface underneath, so once the cardboard is removed, one will be able to see a series of little dots; connecting them will reveal the drawing.

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